D.R. Horton

sitEX have a lucrative lot banking and land development relationship with D.R. Horton, America’s largest home builder. The lot banking has occurred in various communities throughout Central Florida. Florida and Texas contributed over 70% of D.R. Horton’s net income of more than USD 4 Billion in 2021.

Horton is projecting to build 100,000 homes in fiscal year 2022. We believe D.R. Horton and Daiwa Homes USA together with sitEX are formidable partners to develop large scale communities in Florida and Texas. D.R. Horton can act as an “output facility” to build towns, with the capability to build hundreds of homes per annum in any given project. For sitEX to build mixed use downtowns, consisting of apartments, retail space, offices and schools, “rooftops” are needed and Horton can accelerate home sales, if simultaneously a downtown and schools are constructed. Daiwa Homes USA is interested in partnering, and in contrast to D.R. Horton, also on a case by case basis willing to hold real estate long-term.

Real estate development

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