Our two pillars of growth

Investment Properties

Our company has a diversified real estate portfolio primarily based in Switzerland and Central Florida (USA). Around 60% are investments in Switzerland and 40% in the USA.

sitEX creates value. This focus manifests itself in the strategy, processes and structure of the real estate company. We invest in properties with potential for value appreciation and develop our real estate portfolio with a long-term, value-oriented growth policy. Approximately 50% of our fixed assets are currently invested in office space. Our residential share is approx. 15% – a value that is expected to increase in the medium term through our new construction projects.

Project Developments

sitEX focuses on sustainable and innovative project developments. We focus on the latent potential of undeveloped real estate and sites. We acquire, position and develop these properties and profit from the resulting increase in value.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our broad international network, we are able to identify interesting opportunities at an early stage and pursue them consistently with a focused strategy. Due to our lean corporate structure, we can dynamically adapt to sudden changes in the market environment during project developments and mitigate inherent risks.

Focus on Switzerland, Central Florida & Texas

sitEX Properties Holding AG was established in 2010 and has always pursued international diversification with an attractive risk-return ratio. Since 2017, sitEX has focused on two core markets: (Northwest) Switzerland and the USA (Central Florida and Texas). In both markets, our Board of Directors can look back on decades of successfully completed real estate projects. This experience will enable sitEX to continue creating sustainable value for its shareholders in the future.


As an owner-managed company, sitEX has a lean and efficient structure, with the entire Board of Directors holding a qualified majority of the company’s share capital. sitEX’s management has a broad spectrum of experience and boasts numerous successful and significant real estate projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Dr Christoph Stutz

Beat Kähli

Thomas Giese

Andreas Derzsi

Marybel Defillo


sitEX Properties Holding AG is a company with various subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad. As of August 2022 the structure presents itself as follows: