Avalon Park Wesley Chapel

Avalon Park Wesley Chapel (APW), North Tampa, Florida is one of sitEX’s largest projects, covering a total area of more than 6.6 million square meters. sitEX is acting as the developer and is disposing of the lots to local and renowned national building companies as well as developing the commercial downtown for the project. The development is situated in the up-and-coming Tampa Bay metropolitan region and is expected to establish itself as a downtown area to the Wesley Chapel locality. The project is managed locally by Avalon Park Group, the developer of the highly successful Avalon Park Master Planned Community in Orlando, FL. At completion, Avalon Park West will be similar in size and scope to the Avalon Park project in Orlando. Overall entitlements for the project include 4,400 residential units, 52,000 m² (560,000 sf) of commercial space, and 11,150 m² (120,000 sf) of office space. The Tampa Bay market population currently stands at around 3 million, making it Florida’s second largest city behind Miami.

The “E1” phase of single family residential lots was completed in 2017; a total of 153 lots were developed and sold to homebuilders. An amenity center with clubhouse, pool, spa, picnic and barbeque area, splash park and outdoor play area was completed in 2019. The construction start of the downtown infrastructure was in the third quarter 2018. The first two commercial buildings, a 2,500-student charter school and a 4-story mixed use building with retail, office, and multifamily units are currently in design and permitting.

After the first stage of the “charter school”, a privately run learning institution but subordinate to the public system, was completed in 2020 and the first 1,000 students have been enrolled, the second phase to add an additional up to 1,800 students is underway. As of 2022, the community consists of around 1,500 single family homes completed or under construction. D.R. Horton Inc, which acquired 985 lots in the northeast portion of the project, has begun developing the site which is being promoted as “Westgate at Avalon Park”. The first homes will be delivered in 2022. They plan to construct around 30 single family homes every month and, is expected to have completed its 1,000 single family home section of APW within 3 years. Middleburg Real Estate out of Virginia conducts planning and engineering for 590 residential units (mainly apartments) in the southeast section of APW. For downtown phase one: construction has begun on 204 apartments and 4,600 sq. meters of commercial space in this partnership between sitEX USA and a group of investors before mid of 2022. This project with a volume of more than USD 60 million will be the heart of APW’s downtown. Construction is expected to be completed at early 2024. After the described activities above, APW will be about 50% built out, while still leaving over 2,000 residential units and more then 46,000 sq. meters of commercial space to be built in order to complete this small town north of Tampa.

Wesley Chapel (vicinity of Tampa), FL, USA


Years built:
1999 onwards, ongoing construction on the downtown

Usable area:
6,628,748 m²

Development of approx. 4,400 residential units and a town center

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