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sitEX Powerhouse

Muttenz, BL (Switzerland)

The sitEX Powerhouse office and commercial building is situated in the heart of the Polyfeld Muttenz area. The Canton of Basel-Landschaft and the municipality of Muttenz are pursuing urban development goals for the Kriegacker (Polyfeld) area to improve it economically, ecologically and functionally. The sitEX Powerhouse boasts modern infrastructure and meets the requirements of both current and new tenants.

This property has been wholly owned by sitEX since 2015. From 2012 to 2015, sitEX held 51% of the sister company Lagonda Invest AG. The building was acquired with a vacancy rate of 50%. Thanks to a targeted strategy and the excellent network of the involved parties, it was possible to decrease the vacancy rate to below 12% in 2018 (based on the available lettable space).

In order to keep the momentum high and prepare the building for the future, the 5th floor underwent a major renovation in 2019/20 (more information: Coworking Basel). The newly renovated space shall cater to today’s needs for dynamic and flexible workspaces. New, modern elevators and a new day care on the ground floor shall complete the property’s makeover (KITA Muttenz Basel).

Hofackerstrasse 40, 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland


Year built:

Usable area:
46'004 m²

Office and commercial; warehouse/storage areas

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